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The Leveraged Business: Earn More, Work Less, Grow Faster

A podcast for ambitious consultants, coaches and other expert services providers who want to earn more, work less, grow faster.

Sep 17, 2021

One of the biggest questions I get asked all the time by consultants, coaches and service providers who work in the business-to-business or B2B space selling into organisations is how can I get corporate client contracts.

And it’s an interesting question that nearly always needs a bit of a reframe because it so depends on the specific bottleneck in the process.

In this episode, I talk about five key steps you can streamline that opens up an intuitive path to connecting with the right people with your offer. When you’re selling into organisations, there isn’t just one person you have to convince that what you got is what they need, it’s a whole different ball game if you have to go through multiple decision makers or procurement procedures.

So if you’re B2B and stuck on how to get corporate client contracts, you’ll find out how to start solving for where you’re hitting resistance.

What you’ll learn:

- Why Landing Big Corporate Clients is Not Just About Being Networked

- Identifying Your Perfect Timing in Your Client’s Experience of the Problem

- Leveraging Your Spheres of Influence to Position Your Offer

- Why You Don’t Need Fancy Digital Marketing Funnels in B2B Selling

- How to Differentiate Your Offer in a Crowded Marketplace

- How to Make Sure It’s Easy for Corporate Clients to Buy From You

- Learning the Intuitive B2B Pathway.

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